1 - Rush in the Store:

Game publishers want better visibility of their apps in the store But Google Play receives thousands of apps every day, giving tough time to publishers in their objective

2 - Boost Up:

TopAppRank accepts that challenge and helps the Publishers to Boost up their apps rank in the Store

3 - Grow Revenue:

In the End, publishers earn more Money through their promoted apps because theirs apps are hit by more Organic Users

Pricing Tables

Download Only Plans

Basic Plan
$0.14 per download
High Retention Rate

Silver Plan
$0.13 per download
High Retention Rate

Gold Plan
$0.12 per download
High Retention Rate

Platinum Plan
$0.1 per download
High Retention Rate

Premium Plan
$0.08 per download
High Retention Rate

Download + Rating/Reviews Plans

Basic + R Plan
$0.14 per download
50 rating/reviews
$1.4 per rating/reviews

Silver + R Plan
$0.13 per download
100 rating/reviews
$1.25 per rating/reviews

Gold + R Plan
$0.12 per download
200 rating/reviews
$1.0 per rating/reviews

Platinum + R Plan

$0.1 per download
500 rating/reviews
$0.75 per rating/reviews

Premium + R Plan

$0.08 per download
1000 rating/reviews
$0.5 per rating/reviews

Note: For custom plans, please send us email at sales@topapprank.com

The promotional services really helped me a lot in bumping my app rank in the store.

Edward Laurenson Publisher

I found this service really helpful for my app rank. Before using TopAppRank, I wasted my thousands of dollars in the marketing stuff but none of them really worked for me. TopAppRank You Guys Rock!

Steven Mclaren Development

Frequenty Asked Questions

View questions to see what you need to do

How many downloads do you provide each day?

It all depends on your app size. Please write us at sales@topapprank.com and tell us more about your app size.

What is the source of the installs? Are they real user?

Yes, they are real users with real devices

How many downloads does it take to get to the Top 10?

There is no one rule for every country. Every country receives it’s local competitive environment and that’s why, has it’s own threshold value to place any app in the Top 10 List.

How the downloads matter in improving my App Rank?

Download Count is one of the most important factors Google Play considers to improve the App Position in the Store. Because when Google Play sees huge number of people downloading the application with less span of time, it bumps your app up in the store :-)

What is retention rate and how does it matter?

Retention rate means the number of people who actually keep your App in their devices. Google Play gives Retention Rate a great consideration because they are the users who are actually interested in using your App. Google Play doesn’t give good weight to those users who immediately remove the app after install.

My App is a Paid App. Will it still work?

Currently, we support only Free Apps.

Can I use an affiliate link with this service?

No, we only identify the application by it’s package id..

Do you support iPhone?

Currently No, but it’s in our roadmap.

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